Posted 7 months ago

Picture courtesy of @AbandonedPics

Posted 8 months ago

Santa Barbara Shoegaze Festival 2

I’ll be DJing as Permanent Starlight and playing with my band Moonblast this Friday night! Click the link above for details.

Posted 10 months ago


First review of my band’s new EP posted… dunno where the “sitars” and “country twang” came from though. Click the link above!

Posted 10 months ago

Splashdown, by Moonblast

My band Moonblast’s new mini-album, Splashdown, is finally available! I sang, played guitar, and produced it. Listen and download using the above link!

Posted 11 months ago

Verve - Blue Pacific Ocean remastered by Permanent Starlight

Hey all, I just finished remastering an unreleased track by The Verve called Blue Pacific Ocean. It was leaked back in 2009 and was originally recorded during the Forth sessions. Enjoy!

Posted 1 year ago

Phase two of the Honeychildren project is underway!

Misty morning / in the springtime / close your eyes / crystal eyes

Posted 1 year ago

Tomorrow the first phase of the Honeychildren project begins. Watch this space.

Posted 1 year ago

New Toys, Part 2

Posted 1 year ago

New Toys, Part 1

Posted 1 year ago

New Music Soon

Thanks to everyone for helping me get Permanent Starlight rolling again. Use the links below to get the most up-to-date information. New music is coming soon!